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Welcome and thanks for visiting the remnants of MegaLinks in Criminal Justice. This is goodbye and a thank you for your viewership.  The website has been twenty years in the making, and the time has come to put it aside. Nothing is being updated anymore, but an archive of the original website can still be accessed HERE.

During its existence from 1995-2015, CJMegaLinks grew to over 500 pages of content. It all started in 1993 back at Mercyhurst College (my first teaching job upon becoming a professor) where, with the help of an Astronomy professor, I learned the ins and outs of the NCSA Mosaic browser.  These were also the days when I ran a “pirate” bulletin board system (BBS) with dial-up access.  The site then migrated to Southeastern Louisiana University where I worked for a short time in a Sociology department that pretty much thought it was theirs, and then to North Carolina Wesleyan College where it remained for about ten years and received its most attention.  For the last eight years, it has been an adjunct to my teaching in the Criminal Justice/Homeland Security program at Austin Peay State University.

I’d like to especially thank those who sent me kind words periodically about the helpfulness of the website to them.  It’s gratifying to know that sections such as the Academic Employment MegaLinks helped launch some professors’ careers and that the Graduate School Guide helped students pick schools.  A pleasure has also been had in providing Lecture Note content for over thirty different courses, clarifying or adding material that is often understated or obfuscated in the textbooks.  I apologize to those critics who said I was just providing a forum for plagiarism, as that was not my intent.

Although it has been a rewarding experience, I hope anyone can understand that there comes a time when you have to move on to new things, shake your world up, and get real.  It’s too easy to get saturated with digital life nowadays and I want to return to the actual world and ease into the last few years I’ve got with this cozy professor gig.  I yearn for older forms of knowledge acquisition and dissemination. I want to read again, slowly, carefully, absorbing the nuances and walking around with thoughts in my head for a while. I want to let new ideas take shape, get back into writing books, and peer-reviewed articles if I can.  I also want to beef up my latest obsession, the Institute for Global Security Studies, but most of that will be non-digitized.  Thanks to everybody for everything.

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